AGL 5kV Splicing & Termination Certificate of Competency _ Aug 2024

This ‘Certificate of Competency‘ is for splicing and terminating medium voltage non-shielded airfield
ground lighting primary cable (5kV) using pre-manufactured connector kits

Overview and Process Review
The training begins with an overview of the splicing components and then reviews the step-by-step process for completing splices and terminations highlighting the important elements of each step.

Hands-on Lab
The training concludes with a virtually instructed hands-on lab that must be completed to receive the certification. The trainer will step the students through completing a 5kV splice using the correct tools, cable and connector kit (Amerace® or Integro®).

Tools & Equipment Required to be Certified
All students must have the following tools to complete the hands-on lab. Due to time limits of the class, there is a maximum of 2 students per set of tools and each student is required to have their own cable and connector kit.  Tools, cable and connector kits can be purchased through ADB Safegate using the part numbers outlined below.

AGL 5kV Primary Splice & Termination Tool Kit (Qty 1 per 2 students)
• ADB Safegate Part #: AGL-5KVSPL
• Includes: Roll-up Tool Case(PTN055), Cable Shears(60AC4331), Self-Locking Pliers(06R6321), Stripper/Penciling Tool(WS 49) and Ratchet Crimpers(TBM45S)

Airfield Series Circuit Cable (Qty 2 feet per student)
• ADB Safegate Part #: 89A0118
• Airfield Cable, #8AWG, 5kVA, L-824 Type C, non-shielded
• 2-foot piece per student

Primary Connector Kit (Qty 1 per student either Amerace or Integro)
Amerace Connector Kit
• ADB Safegate Part #: 70A0012/1 Amerace Part #: 54S D4 D4
• #8AWG, L-823, Primary Connector, Super Kit

Integro Connector Kit
• ADB Safegate Part #: 70A0012/CK Integro Part #: 11805-01
• #8AWG, L-823, Primary Connector Kit

Seats Remaining: 15

Not Enrolled

Course Basic Info

  • Price: $375
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Language: English