AGL Design course

The AGL design course features a general overview and introduction to AGL design and covers detailed engineering competence including practical design exercises.


Provide an introduction to AGL design, products and system characteristics and specifications to meet international standards as established by ICAO and other national bodies such as FAA /EUROCONTROL / EASA / NATO / UK CAA / STAC.

What is covered?

  • Applicable standards
  • Airfield Operating Categories
    • No CAT, CAT I, CAT II & CAT III configurations
  • Typical configurations and working principles
    • CCR calculations
    • Approach systems lay-out
    • Runway lighting lay-out
    • PAPI calculation
    • Taxiway lighting lay-out
  • Functions and applications
  • Electrical engineering
    • Primary and secondary cabling
    • Substation design
  • Applications engineering and design
  • Typical specifications
  • ALCMS and interfaces control system design
  • ILCMS and interfaces design specifications
  • Mounting systems

Seats Remaining: 15

Not Enrolled

Course Basic Info

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Location: Zaventem, Belgium
  • Language: English