ICAO AGL Preventive Maintenance

The training takes place each day between 8:30 CET and 14:30 CET

The AGL preventive maintenance training provides an in-depth overview of various ADB SAFEGATE AGL maintenance aspects, procedures, tools, equipment and practices. With an overriding focus on airside safety, the session explains the preventive maintenance procedures to perform on an ADB SAFEGATE AGL System, from the lights to the CCRs and the control systems.

The scope of this training is by default limited to the ADB RELIANCE portfolio. Upon notice, we can adapt the scope to cover some of our ADB SAFEGATE legacy portfolio equipment.


  • Provide an in-depth overview of various AGL operation and maintenance aspects.
  • Provide a good understanding of the preventive and corrective actions to put in place to maintain an ADB SAFEGATE AGL system.
  • Explain the differences between corrective and preventive maintenance systems and their impact on airport operations
  • Focus on airside and electrical safety while performing the manipulations

What is covered?

  1. Definition of Maintenance (preventive and corrective)
    • AGL life-cycle analysis
  2. Maintenance structure
  3. Correct operation of an AGL system
  4. Preventive (conditional/scheduled) Maintenance procedures
    • AGL series circuits
    • CCRs
    • Lights and series equipment
    • Control Systems
  5. Tools and Equipment
    • AGL fitting tools
    • CCR tools
    • PAPI calibration tools
    • Safety precautions
  6. Spare parts management
  7. Airside Safety, AGL and High Voltage Safety Procedures and Regulations

Seats Remaining: 13

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Course Basic Info

  • Price: $2600
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Language: English