Training Academy Locations

At ADB SAFEGATE, we strive to deliver our expertise and solutions to every corner of the globe. The Training Academy crew is committed to assist you on your Journey of Learning and make your learning experience as smooth and fun as possible. Therefore, we are delivering standard trainings in Europe and in the USA on a regular basis.

Training Academy™ Brussels:

This is where the journey began when Adrien de Backer founded the company in the 1920’s. Our Belgium Training Academy™ is located in Zaventem just 6 km from the Brussels Airport and is home to one of our manufacturing and production facilities as well as offices for many functions, including sales, system engineering and R&D.


Leuvensesteenweg 585
Zaventem, Belgium

Phone: +32 2 722 17 11

Training Academy™ Columbus

Established in 1979 as ADB-ALNACO for airfield lighting navigational aid company. Our Columbus Training Academy™ is located just 5 miles from the John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio and provides another manufacturing facility to support the Americas as well as offices for many functions, including sales, system engineering and R&D.       


700 Science Blvd, Gahanna 
OHIO 43230

Phone: +1 (614) 861-1304

Training Academy™ Malmö

Established in 1973, Safegate started developing passenger boarding bridges and developed the first pneumatic Docking Guidance System (DGS). Our Malmö Training Academy™ is 24 km from the airport and a short 10m walk from the nearby Malmö Elisedals industriområde train station. Malmö is also home to many functions, including sales, product management and R&D.            


Djurhagegatan 19
213 76
Malmö, Sweden

Phone: +46 40 699 17 00

Training Partnership with Possehl Spezialbau

We also have a training partnership with the global construction company POSSEHL Spezialbau for specialized installation trainings in the Netherlands. They have the machinery and the experience to bring you to destination, join us for a hands-on course in which you will install your own AGL system!


Possehl B.V. 
Zeilmakerijweg 9
4906 CW
Oosterhout, Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 53 17 42 88