Hotel and transportation in the Netherlands

Since 1956, POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU has been active in the field of maintenance of vehicular-use surfaces, industrial and manufacturing areas, and aircraft-use pavements to maintain their value and ensure their use.

It counts among ADB SAFEGATE preferred partners and we are proud to collaborate with a specialzed company like POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU in the AGL installation processes course, ensuring our students are getting state of the art explanations on the installation of ADB SAFEGATE equipment.

Training Location:

The Keyser Tulip hotel in Breda is our preferred accommodation for students and daily transportation is arranged every day between the Keyser Tulip hotel and the training facility.

You local contact and trainer will be Erik De Leeuw. Do not hesitate to contact him if you need assistance during your travel!
Mobile: +31 6 53 17 42 88

Hotel and transportation details

We encourage you to stay at the Golden Tulip Hotel Keyser, Keizerstraat 5
4811 HL Breda, Netherlands.
Do not hesitate to check the hotel website

We organize a daily taxi shuttle. Please make sure that you are waiting in the lobby of the Keyser Tulip hotel at 8:30 a.m.. A shuttle service will take you to the training site.